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Explore our proprietary reuse system designed by global leaders Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

We believe reTURNable must replace disposable

TURN’s mobile smart washer is a big part of what makes the system so uniquely scalable. Custom engineered and built with TURN’s proprietary technology, the current version of our washer represents the culmination of many years of refinement. Sustainability and practicality were the primary concerns in designing the washer–and, fortunately, these principles get on well together. Not only is the washer extremely efficient in terms of energy and water use. It’s also so easy to operate it practically runs itself.  

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Eliminates the capital cost of a washing factory, dramatically reduces the number of cups required at an event, and saves on waste management as well as logistical and transportation costs.


Guarantees cups and bottles are returned cleaned. Fully dries cups, eliminating health concerns due to mold caused by traditional systems.


Reduces labour costs and increases washing speeds with automated stacking and sorting of cups.


Represents a brand opportunity to educate and engage consumers.

explore our smart washing system

Custom engineered and built with TURN’s proprietary technology, our smart washer is a big part of what makes our system so uniquely scalable.

  • Cost Effective

    Washes reusables cheaper than producing new single-use products

    Reduces cost of washing by 500%

  • Smart

    The washer connects to TURN’s smart software system. Not only does it run itself automatically; it will also alert venues of any faults in its machinery.

  • Efficient

    Our latest washer cleans up to 10,000 cups per hour. That makes it 700% faster than other commercial dishwashers, reducing operational and environmental costs enormously.

  • Sustainable

    TURN’s smart washer is designed to be as good for the planet as it is for business. The latest version recycles 100% of the water used in the wash cycle.

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